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Featured Work: Paper Hat Wedding


A wedding shoot inspired by Chanel’s Spring runway takes a dramatically crafty turn.


So what inspired this shoot?

Kara  Bywater Rapp: The shoot was inspired by pics I saw on Pinterest from the Chanel 2009 spring runway and British designer Jess Eaton. I looked at the pics and thought "I want to see if I can build something like that."

You definitely did! How did everything come together?

Kara: The shoot came together when I reached out to my fellow artist friend Ashley Olivia about collaborating together on the makeup. I knew she was well connected and already had access to a beautiful studio space, and we have always talked about doing something more high fashion/avant-garde together. The hair was done by Blonde Fox Salon.

From there, Ashley introduced me to photographer Brenda Pottinger, who in turn was connected to Manal Shteiwi of Bo Chic Bridal Boutique—they provided the gowns. All that was left was the models. My friend Kelsey Naber has modeled with Heyman talent and put me in contact with the other two models: Jessica Simpson and Abigail Walsh.

The hats turned out beautifully! How did things go on set?

Kara: Actually, the funniest thing to happen was in my excitement in building the largest headpiece, I failed to consider having to get it through a door/out of the house—it was four feet wide! With fingers crossed, a little prayer, and a lot of hot glue it made it to the shoot.

Brenda: My favorite part was trying to figure out how to crop the photo and keep the full hat while not cropping at a joint of the model. Also, I really had to be aware of how the hat was lit so that it didn't cast a big shadow on the eyes and face of each model. Overall, it was so much fun!

Where can people see more of your work?

Kara: Creative shoots are something I do in my spare time, but I'm definitely trying to do more in the future. My work (when I can find the time to get in a project between my full time gig in cardiology and being a momma to a two-year-old) can be seen on Instagram @glamtogore.

“When my makeup friend showed me a photo of the inspiration I was like ‘Yes, when!’”  - Photographer Brenda Pottinger

“When my makeup friend showed me a photo of the inspiration I was like ‘Yes, when!’”

- Photographer Brenda Pottinger


Photography: Brenda Pottinger, @pottingerphoto
Makeup: Kara Bywater Rapp @glamtogore and Ashley Olivia @hrhdollface
Hair: Natalie Lickert @natslickert and Sally Burch @blonde.fox.sally
Wardrobe: Bo Chic Bridal Boutique
Models: Kelsey, Jessica, and Abigail with Heyman Talent
Location: Studio821

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