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Calle Evans Makes a Case for DMing Your Photographer


Otherwise known as the team that plays well together, creates well together.


Words: Katie Hicks


Any fashion-savvy person will tell you that looking effortless actually takes a lot of energy. Calle Evans’ photo shoot, captured in the bright and airy People’s Liberty space, felt as effortlessly chic as Calle’s own designs.

Calle Evans is a fashion designer in the classical sense. She designs, sews, hand-beads and custom-fits each piece for each person, one by one. If she’s not doing every step, she’s hiring a skilled friend to help. Every piece is made in Ohio, and the garments never lose their bespoke quality.

Assistants Coryn Bostwick and Tessa Clark

Assistants Coryn Bostwick and Tessa Clark

Calle’s crew started with two colleagues and friends: Tessa Clark, a fellow designer and Calle’s oft-used stylist; and Coryn Bostwick, a client of Calle’s and her business partner in a new venture called The Art of Elegance.

Photographer Andrea Sabugo

Photographer Andrea Sabugo

My goal was to shoot Calle in a way that would make people feel like her work is almost an angelic process.
— Andrea Sabugo

Tessa recommended Andrea Sabugo, a photographer with experience in fashion design, for the team. Calle and Andrea instantly clicked, and what followed was a flurry of emails, Instagram messages, and one-off conversations about inspiration photos, mood boards, and designers. Their shared vision culminated in an airy, light-filled photo shoot showing the almost ethereal practice of bringing a garment to life.

Makeup artist Laura Vega, model Emma Karle, and hair stylist Tara Tussing Wood

Makeup artist Laura Vega, model Emma Karle, and hair stylist Tara Tussing Wood


It wasn’t hard to make Calle and model Emma Karle look beautiful on camera, but Calle had a specific concept in mind. She connected with two creatives who executed it perfectly: hair stylist Tara Tussing Wood created owing, sleek locks, while makeup artist Laura Vega brought out the angelic-with-a- side-of-sultry look.


Good vibes don’t make themselves. Establishing a team with similar tastes, a natural ease, and plenty of open communication made the collaboration feel just as effortless as the photos.


Client: Calle Evans
Photographer: Andrea Sabugo
Hair Stylist: Tara Tussing Wood
Makeup Artist: Laura Vega
Assistants: Tessa Clark, Coryn Bostwick, Rafael Jose Rodriguez-Sanchez 
Model: Emma Karle, New View
Behind-the-Scenes Photographer: Joe Walsh
Location: People’s Liberty