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Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a photo shoot? I interviewed the creative minds behind several of the most beautiful Tether Sourcebook images for the Creative City Podcast, and got them talking about their inspiration, shoot preparation, and what really happened on set.


Beneath the Surface

Makeup Artist and Educator Stefani Carol had a brilliant idea for the Tether Sourcebook: an underwater beauty shoot. She connected with Photographer Tina Gutierrez to help execute the concept, and they—along with an extensive team—created beautifully haunting images.


Street Food


Visual artist and graphic designer Janet Creekmore has loved photography for a long time—she even managed a photo studio. She wanted to do a food shoot that presented a challenge, and serendipitously met photographer Marlene Rounds, who connected with food stylist Jeff Martin. Learn how they recruited a cast of surprisingly cooperative “real people,” how their favorite shot came together on the fly, and what happened to the food once the photos were taken (hint: they ate it).


Medicine Dance & Astro Enigma

Photographer extraordinaire Claudia Hershner operates as a commercial photographer focusing on product, with many a passion project taking place in her Newport studio. Her love of working with other artists (including frequent collaborator Chelsea Cutrell) and the creative process of producing a shoot led to her involvement with two separate shoots for the upcoming Tether Sourcebook: Medicine Dance and Astro Enigma. Learn how she “paints” on and with the camera, the dance photographers themselves actually do behind the lens, the many uses of crystals, and how she incorporates her fine art background into digital photography.