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#TetherStudioStories: 820: Studio’s Work Space and Tools Are a Useful Resource for Professional Image Makers

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820: Studio is a collaborative space where photographers, stylists and other image makers, can use the space and equipment to do what they do!


The founders of 820: Studio, Claudia Hershner and Chelsea Cutrell, are graduates of UC’s DAAP program. Their respective backgrounds in Fine Arts and Fashion Design brought them into the world of photography and image making.

Chelsea began by styling and shooting the garments she designed. Claudia worked as a photographer of rare and precious items for the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, and also did some image retouching and commercial photography. They provide valuable studio space to other photographers and image makers.

820: Studio Founders Claudia Hershner (left) and Chelsea Cutrell (right).

820: Studio Founders Claudia Hershner (left) and Chelsea Cutrell (right).


The creative space is on the third floor of The Eilerman Art Studio building in historic downtown Newport, KY, and the studio can be rented for half-day or full-day rates.


There's plenty of space, lots of natural light, and areas set aside for doing makeup, styling, and prop storage. The walls vary from slick concrete to exposed brick, providing a unique backdrop.

I enjoyed the process of creating a visual narrative to compliment my design concept...I seek out opportunities to test creative ideas and collaborate with colleagues. I find it refreshing and liberating to create for the sake of creative expression and fun.
— Chelsea

Claudia and Chelsea are image-makers themselves and their portfolios are impressive. Chelsea specializes in styling (from editorial to commercial and lifestyle) while Claudia does all kinds of photography. Their presence in the studio is a collaborative force in itself. Both freelance and are open to new projects and opportunities.

I’ve built this background of imaging and retouching that ranges from museum & archival — which is very practical and technical — to creative and commercial.
— Claudia
I love my 70-200mm lens, I use it for a variety of things. Some other favorites are gaffers tape, A-clamps, zots, a large and comprehensive camera bag, a lighter and nicer camera bag, a tether cable...and last but not least, good light tools. A good understanding of light really opens things up and suddenly your set is a canvas - you can paint the scene you want.
— Claudia
820studio9 (1).jpg
Styling must-haves include a trusty steamer, pins, lint roller, and kitchen utensils. Collecting packaging materials has been helpful for styling, especially for lay-downs of garments. I have an assortment of foam, plastic, and paper products that Claudia and I have saved over the years!
— Chelsea

"We're passionate about shooting editorial fashion spreads, commercial brand campaigns, and testing with food and product imagery, while utilizing many different styles of lighting and composition."

820 is the studio of two creatives who love what they do. In this space, who wouldn't?

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