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Featured Talent: Steve Paszt


Welcome to Featured Talent, where we chat with the creative folks in our #TetherCincy family.


Photographer Steve Paszt draws on everything from travel to intuition for inspiration for his mouth-watering food images. A commercial photographer with more than 20 years of experience, we checked in with him from his newly-renovated Northside studio to learn more about his work, style and process.

How do you go about finding ideas and inspiration?

When we shoot for a client they come to us with a very specific direction and guidelines to follow. Layouts are used to show us where copy and all the other specific data will be on the package or advertisement so we know what we have to work around to get the perfect image.

When we're testing, it's a blank slate and we have the ability to place items wherever we'd like to. My personal inspiration for these shoots comes from things I absorb on a daily basis, whether it's flipping through a magazine, travel, or just an intuition to try something new.

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Photography: Steve Paszt, www.stevepasztphotography.com
Food Stylist: Mary Seguin, www.maryseguinfoodstylist.com
Food Stylist: Jeff Martin, www.jeffreymartinfoodstylist.com
Set Stylist: Kate Gallion, www.kategallion.com

What do you look for when choosing collaborators?

I'm always working with and looking for new talent. It's really important that our team works well together and that whomever we're bringing into the mix has the skill set to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.

On test shoots it's different because we're collectively collaborating to create something we love and we're not working within the parameters of layouts and copy.

How much time do you usually have to execute everything, and how do you like to use that time?

That's all determined on how many shots we need to complete for any particular job. More often than not there's a pre-production meetings with designers/clients and many conversations that go into the process. Good communication is key to make sure we get all the details and we're going to provide an exceptional product to our client.  We also need to make sure we allot enough time to complete the work.

Has anything funny or weird ever happened to you on a shoot?

The weirdest thing that's ever happened on a shoot was when I was working on location in Louisiana. I was setting up around a lake and the location scout that I hired pulled out a shotgun to protect me from rattlesnakes in and around the water. Needless to say I was feeling a little uneasy at that point!

No kidding! How should people follow you and your work?

You can follow me by checking my website which is being updated regularly:  www.stevepasztphotography.com
Instagram: Steve Paszt
Facebook: Steve Paszt Photography

And how can people contact you directly?

Email: steve@pasztphoto.com
Phone: 513-608-1671