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When will the Tether Sourcebook be available?

The Tether Sourcebook will be available mid-December 2017, and there'll be a big launch party to celebrate! As a reminder, Sourcebook submissions are due 9/7, the book goes to print 10/24, and the launch will (likely) take place the week of December 11th!

How many of my pictures will be in the Sourcebook?

Each shoot will have one or two spreads, so 2-4 pages with one image per page. Credits will be listed with each spread and in the directory in the back of the book, which will be sorted by profession/specialty. Kind of like a super dope phone book.

Will everyone be credited?

Yes! The purpose of Tether is to recognize and promote Cincinnati image-makers, so everyone who had a hand in producing images, from assistants to retailers to locations, will be credited as long as their info is submitted.

How many copies are you printing?

We're planning to print at least 250 copies. About 150 will go to agencies and brands locally and nationwide, each Crew Lead will receive a copy, and some will be given away at the launch party. Sign up for the mailing list to make sure you get an invitation!

So it will be, like, a book?

More like a really well-produced magazine—it won't be hardcover (that costs mo' money), but it will be printed on beautiful paper with a thick, perfect-bound cover. It'll be the type of thing agencies want to hold on to ;-)

I heard about an online directory, what is that?

This is the digital age, so this very website will be the home of an online directory where people can search for and find local image-makers. Tether Sourcebook crew members will automatically be added to the directory, and other people will have the opportunity to add themselves once it launches in September. This should make it easier for people to find and hire us.

Tether Sourcebook Concept FAQ

Can I submit multiple concepts or be involved in multiple shoots with different crews?

Yes, let all of those ideas fly! Note that you’ll only be selected to lead one project, but you can be part of multiple crews if your schedule allows.

I have a great idea, but I’m not sure about a location/models/wardrobe/etc.

No worries, we’ll help connect you to resources and find other creatives to work with. There will be an event on June 26th to reveal the selected submissions and connect people to crews, resources, and talent. Sign up for the mailing list to get more info.

What exactly are you looking for?

We’re looking for:

  • Creativity - Concepts that are new, fun, or interesting.
  • Variety - Different types of shoots like fashion, lifestyle, product, food, and street photography that show the breadth of local talent.
  • Inclusion - Concepts that call for for more creatives, assistants, or other artists will have priority. Remember, the idea here is collaboration and exposure for as many professionals as possible.
  • Local love - Working with local businesses, designers, and makers benefits more of the city as a whole. We like that.

What if I want to submit a shoot I’ve already done?

It will be considered, but you must retain full control of the images: all ownership and licensing must be documented, with no exclusives currently in place.

For Tether sourcebook shoots, photographers will retain ownership of their images, and there will be a contract in place to ensure proper crediting and fair usage.

I might not be able to submit images by the 1st week of September due to vacation/work/my cat’s massage schedule.

Deadlines are deadlines, homie. However, you can come to the June 26th event to join a team, or add yourself to the listing that will be open later this year. Be sure to sign up for the mailing list, too, since there may be other opportunities.

What if I already have a team to work with?

Great! Be sure to indicate that on the submission form, and keep an open mind, too: there’s lots of talent here, and the purpose of this project is to make new connections that lead to new opportunities.

I'm a wedding/family/boudoir photographer. Can I submit a concept?

At this time, Tether is for image-makers who create commercial and editorial work, not personal photography. That may expand in the future—we've only just begun.

Is there an application fee?

Nope! There’s no material cost to be in the sourcebook, just your time, cooperation, and creative energy.

I don’t have a lot of experience, how can I be involved?

If you’re interested in assisting or volunteering with Tether in general, plan to attend the June 26th event to meet the creative teams, and sign up for the mailing list to learn about upcoming events and opportunities.

Unsolicited advice:

DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO MORE OF. If you love beauty, submit a beauty-focused concept. If you love shooting commercial ads with an artistic bent, submit an ad-like artsy concept. Show off what you WANT to do.

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