Tether Cincinnati
Connecting Creative Image-Makers

Photo & video shoot production for agency and business clients in the Cincinnati Region.

Cincinnati photo & video shoot production services. Work with photographers, videographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists and producers for business photography and video, commercial agency shoots, and DIY photo shoot and film production.

Tether Services


Since launching in 2017 as a People’s Liberty Fellowship project, Tether has consistently been about building community and connections: we connect creative image-makers to the local business community so both groups benefit.

The result? Creatives thrive, businesses grow, and everyone wins.

Here’s how we can help you:

Crew Creation

Perfect for agencies and enterprises

Finding the right people for your photo and video projects can be tricky—especially when you’re working with a tight timeline or budget.

We’ll hook you up with a crew of local photo and video professionals who specialize in exactly what you need, when you need it. Bonus: we manage all the production back-and-forth, so you get one point of contact, one invoice, and zero headaches.


What we do:

  • Photography

  • Video

  • Production

  • Product & Food styling

  • Wardrobe styling

  • Hair & Makeup

  • Creative Direction

Shared Shoots

What we do:

  • Business photography

  • Marketing video

  • E-commerce

  • Find & manage talent

  • Streamlined production

Tailored to Chambers of Commerce, co-working spaces, professional associations

Calle Evans bts00008.jpg

Plenty of small businesses and entrepreneurs want (and deserve) high quality photos and video to promote their companies, but it can be expensive and finding the right team can be a hassle. Tether is here to democratize the process.

We partner with membership organizations to offer shared group shoots with a crew of the best in the industry, combining forces with talented photographers, videographers, hair & makeup artists, and stylists that would be nearly impossible to book on their own.

The result? Even the smallest members can afford top-notch images for their websites, social media, and marketing campaigns.


For industrious entrepreneurs and pro talent seekers

Looking for fresh creative talent for photo and video projects, but don’t have time to search? We’ll tap into our network of photographers, videographers, stylists, and more to provide a curated list of people just right for your project—and we’re happy to make introductions.


What we do:

  • Talent outreach

  • Quotes based on your budget & timing

  • Fast turnaround

  • Direct email introduction